The life and accomplishments of vincent van gogh

New York: Delacorte Press, Van Gogh moved to Auvers and rented a room. They refused to renew van Gogh's contract, and he was forced to find another occupation.

With no children of his own, most of Van Gogh's works were left to brother Theo. Moreover, his approach to life darkened when his love was rejected by a London girl in New York: Taschen, But it is not easy to paint yourself, either. Gachet and portraits of his daughters, as well as the Church of Auvers.

From the first time I ever saw it I was captivated by the seductive swirls of light in the sky and sleepy town in the distance. His achievement is all the more remarkable for the brevity of his career and considering the poverty and mental illness that dogged him.

It is an image of a French city of Arles at night Van Gogh. In MarchTheo welcomed his brother into his small apartment.

vincent van gogh awards and achievements
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Vincent van Gogh's Life and Accomplishments Essay