The dark side of chocolate essay

They pointed out that despite ten years of promises since the passing of the Harkin Engel Protocol conditions in West African cocoa farms remain in violation, while chocolate company profits continue to rise.

The United States considered adding cocoa from the Ivory Coast to a list of banned goods. When it comes to chocolate, most of us will agree that it has more of a positive effect on our waistlines than our health. In addition, we know that large companies obscure inhuman conditions and labor violations with attractive sounding initiatives and marketing campaigns to show off those initiatives.

The dark side of chocolate essay

According to cnn. In all that time, we have simply not come across such practices. They also attempted to divert blame and responsibility onto governments. That's why all chocolate manufacturers promised to stop it. Isn't it heartbreaking? Next, they explored the Ivory Coast where the cocoa plantations are located. Then a child sits and starts to strike every single pod with the machete. For instance if Hershey actually cared about the child slavery issue and wanted to do something about it and change the way the farms operate then they can join forces with their fellow chocolate companies and demand that child slavery be stopped on the farms or they will no longer purchase their chocolate from there.

What constitutes as good or evil? The farmers feed children with bananas and corn paste. Who investigates the use of trafficked children to be used for child labor in the harvesting of cocoa beans for the production of chocolate.

They also attempted to divert blame and responsibility onto governments. However, when a consumer relies on a label or list they are placing trust in the organization creating that label or list.

the dark side of chocolate transcript

After the release of the documentary, the Ivorian government released a statement that the international cocoa industry kept prices too low for Ivorian farmers to have a decent standard of living, which led to the use of slavery Percival. Percival, Matt.

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The Dark Side of Chocolate Production Essay