Persuasive essay about acid rain

It reacts with water molecules by electrical activity to produce nitric acid. Although once acid rains enters into large water bodies is diluted, with time, continued accumulation of acid rain lowers the pH of the water body hence making it acidic.

We are arranged in place that is acid battery group research papers on acid rain.

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Air pollution causes the accumulation of chemicals in the atmosphere. Man-made Causes: Heavy industrialization and urbanization is the major cause of acid rain. Sometimes for very long distances, both dry and wet deposition can be carried by the wind. The number and types of water animals and other aquatic plants that live in these waters decrease as the lakes, streams and other freshwater bodies become more acidic. Both natural and man-made sources are known to play a role in the formation of acid rain. Coal when it is used to generate electric power is probably the greatest contribution to the emission of gases that can cause acid rain The harmful impacts of Acid Rain: Acid rain can bring serious harm to the environment and a few of the various wide segments of the environment where it can wreak havoc are listed below: 1. Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. Other than biotic components, it affects and damages buildings and property. Acid rain falling on rivers, lakes and other water bodies makes it poisonous and destroys marine life. Automobiles are the main source of nitrogen oxide emissions, and utility factories are the main source for sulfur dioxide emissions. Effect of Acid Rain: For the aquatic animal, acid rain becomes deadly since it reduces the PH level in the water. The term acid rain was coined by Robert Angus Smith in The biggest non-natural source is burning fossil fuels, especially gasoline. Acid rain is a complicated problem. The acid rain forming gases is also generated by biological processes within the environment, wildfires and decaying vegetation.

Acid Rain also releases excess aluminium into the soil around trees, which makes difficult for them to absorb the water. The problem lies within the consumer as much as it does the producer. The cause of acid rain is simple. A factory by a lake releases smoke into the air 2. This cannot be done gradually.

Persuasive essay about acid rain

Automobiles are the main source of nitrogen oxide emissions, and utility factories are the main source for sulfur dioxide emissions.

But one way by which each one of us can stop it is by start adopting cleaner forms of energy, such as solar power, recycling of waste and use of electric cars.

It is nothing but rain that is highly acidic in content. Acid rain can be reduced by choosing cleaner forms of energy like solar power.

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Eventually, they form acid rain.

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