Nsw handwriting assessment protocol

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The content of a students writing sample especially composition can also be analyzed to examine: planning, ideation, elaboration, cohesiveness, spelling, fluency, grammar, syntax, capitalization, punctuation, consistency, and proofreading.

Nsw handwriting assessment protocol

Brunetti, 17 Assessment Sample 5: Grade 1, boy Remi Assessment Findings: During the assessment, Remi was seated at a desk slightly too small in a chair that was slightly too short for his size; however, he was able to maintain correct seating posture throughout the assessment. Overall, while completing the tasks, he had poor control of his pencil, which resulted in large, messy printing. Pen tip trajectories were recorded during circle, spiral and line drawing and repeated character 'elelelel' and sentence writing, performed by Parkinson patients and healthy control participants. His sample demonstrates poor organization on the page, as evidenced by the variation in his line spacing and his difficulty orienting to baseline. Sonias sample demonstrates some minor copying errors e. Annika was able to formulate her thoughts in her composition, however, these thoughts were not clearly translated onto paper due to her difficulties with written language. Assessment Sample Grade 4, boy Logan Assessment Findings: Logan sat at a workstation that was appropriate for completing printing tasks. Brunetti, 21 Assessment Sample Grade 4, boy Wei Assessment Findings: Wei sat at a workstation that was appropriate for completing writing tasks. Technically, if anything is below pure on any of my tied tests, I can rightfully recommend asking.

Assessment Findings: Annika sat at a workstation that was too small for her height. These are sometimes called the writer, middle and ending. Assessment Sample Grade 5, boy Josh Assessment Findings: Josh sat at a workstation that was appropriate for writing.

Grade 6 46 91 N. Brunetti, 14 Clinical Decision-Making Handwriting problems may stem from a variety of causes, most commonly: language, visual spatial or motor difficulties, or a combination of these.

Given her grade level and the complexity of her problems, Danika is a candidate for assistive technology.

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There were significant language difficulties in Annikas dictation and composition.

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Handwriting Protocol August Final