Issues of the elderly essay

This situation is really unfortunate and needs to be addressed properly.

essay on old age parents

People of this consumer culture do not have sufficient money to provide financial support to their parents; neither do they take it as their moral responsibility. Both the absolute and relative size of the population of the elderly in India will gain in strength in future.

Social Problems.

Issues of the elderly essay

Health services should address preventive measures keeping in mind the diseases that affect — or are likely to affect — the communities in a particular geographical region. Social and demographic trends are making information and assistance services increasingly important to the average American family.

Researchers who think this way, started to study about home automation applied to elderly people. Losing the privilege to drive brings independence to an end and forces the elderly to stay at home which may lead to despair and other emotions.

DuringGovernment has spent more than 16 crores of rupees for assisting such Programmes around the country which covered around fifty thousand beneficiaries.

The cost to the affected elderly individual or family of health has to be addressed so that no person is denied necessary health care for financial reasons. Its only that I care for her and do not want anything to happen to her. Sadly enough, instances like these are becoming more and more prevalent and require immediate action.

It was set up in and is registered under the Societies ' Registration Act of When age stratification is done in terms of ascribed status, it can lead to inequality and these may cause ageism.

social justice issues affecting the elderly
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