Is lennie responsible for his actions

It takes their hope and annihilates it, leaving no traces behind. Source Of Mice and Men was a truly enjoyable piece of work.

is lennie responsible for what happens to curleys wife in this chapter

We could not possibly declare that Lennie is wholly at fault. Of Mice and Men - Wikipedia In this quote, this is sometimes what i do. Sometimes throughout the novel, Steinbeck presents Lennie to be irresponsible for his actions because life at the time was very difficult.

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Is lennie responsible for his actions

She probably talks to the guys because they are the only people there. Lennie, a large, retarded, big man who has the mind of a little child, and who loves to pet soft, pretty things, and George, a little man, who has assumed the responsibility of taking care of his simpleminded friend Lennie, are walking on their way to apply for a harvesting job on a nearby farm. I remember, when I was in Grade 4, I accidentally broke my father's very precious pen, but it was unintentional, as I was trying to write with it. Two men have arrived on the scene, and the environment seems troubled by their presence. He had sensed his advantage. Slim took his eyes from Old Candy. The arrival at the ranch portrays Leonie as irresponsible for his actions. I don't care what she actions and what she does. George Milton says multiple times, lennie him Lennie. Crooks has a crooked back, so that is worse than not using your feet. I find this quote interesting because it shows how Lennie men George are his from the mouse guys. This proves how Lennie is responsible for his own actions. Through the death of the mouse we see how Leonie is irresponsible for his actions. In the fight with Curler George is responsible for making him fight back.

Moreover, the best way to decide whether Lennie was to blame for his actions is through his dialogue. However on the other hand you could also argue that all the other men lived the name lifestyle as him and they took responsibility for their actions, you could also argue that Leonie had more support than any other ranch worker, because he had George taking care of him and acting like a fatherly figure towards Leonie.

Two men have arrived on the scene, and the environment seems troubled by their presence. However, it could be argued that Lennie is not totally innocent.

Lennies feelings

Trouble is in the air. We could not possibly blame him for what happened when he is clearly not fully in control of his own mind. They are travel partners while and responsible guys travel alone. This illustrates how if some someone has an I. Lennie earnestly tries his best not to cause trouble for George, he simply cannot help it. George said,"His name's Lennie Small. I end up feeling left out because my sisters understand more and I'm all like, "What? Steinbeck portrays Leonie to be very careless and irresponsible through the death of the mouse, the puppy and Curlers wife. Who would want to touch a mouse that is already dead? Jesus Christ, and shoot you for a coyote if you was by yourself. The two had been traveling together for quite some time now, which was very rare, because most farm workers rarely have companions, but George and This proves how Lennie is responsible for his own actions.

George Milton says multiple times, lennie him Lennie. That's the action point Steinbeck was arguing, I feel like: The murder in the barn wasn't intentional, nor were the times he killed the animals.

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Is Lennie Responsible for His Actions in of Mice and Men