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Their topics can be explained through life experiences, biographies, poetry, or other forms of literature. These common principles are what inspired writers and artists of the time to fabricate ideas.

At its base was a belief in the rights of man and this impetus led to two enormously important resolutions: the American Revolution and the French Resolution.

Cooper diplays characters with honest expression to their feelings. The most horrific event of the Medieval period would be the Dark Ages.

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After only being there for eight months, half of the original group died, leaving them with only four women. Visions of a white knight like Fabio whisking away the fair damsel in distress. Out of Sentimental Romanticism came several very successful female writers who used emotional appeals to relate the plights of women to readers.

The period ushered in the beginning of widespread movements toward race and gender equality. It was a time where people were trying to find a distinctive voice.

But deeper went the knife, the deeper sank the hand, until at length its tiny grasps appeared to have caught a hold of Georgians heart; whence however, her husband was inexorably resolved to cut it or wrench it away' Hawthorne In their writings, these writers were taken by the romantic ideals empathizing on nature, creating their own world, borrowing sets from the past or from legends, meditating their life, and finding their own explanations to its processes.

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