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But what he wants above everything else is the hope for safety.

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Although the main cause for these trials seems to be fear from breaking the Partisan religion, Greed and revenge come in a close second. The mill had shut down and they joined the other hobos seeking work Goodman, , pp In a time where economic downturn united the races under the banner of poverty, the problem of racism ended up reigning supreme in the Deep South. Millions of people had lost their jobs, their homes, their businesses, or their land, and everything that made up their way of life. In both of the stories, the crime is rape. It was a time in which numerous, innocent people mostly women were killed because they were believed to be partaking in witchcraft. Scottsboro Boys Essay Scottsboro Boys Essay The case of the Scottsboro Boys, nine young African American men who were accused of raping two White women in Alabama in , stands as a symbol of racist injustice and sheds light on the issue of false accusations in interpersonal violence. New York: Columbia University Press. The Scottsboro Trials changed how America viewed segregation.

Every time this man would walk past Patterson he would step on his fingers. There was nothing to back it up. Accessed April Throughout the different articles and the novel centered on Salem and the witchcraft trials that occurred there, a recurring pattern is apparent, those within Salem have quickly turned on each other and resorted to mayhem and chaos when there are not reasons for strange events Unjust and racist, the Scottsboro Trials were not just ordinary cases.

Despite the fact that one of the women later denied being raped, the retrials resulted in convictions. Another contribution the trials gave to the citizens of the Harlem Renaissance was hope. They endured many trials almost all of which had prejudice juries.

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Goodman - Stories of Scottsboro. Both trials are very common when it came to the time period, the time the trials have taken place in, those who were persecuted and lastly, why they were persecuted in the first place. No matter what, there will always be racial disputes in the world In fact, it was compared to another event by a man named Arthur Miller. He clutched to the side of the car as it careened back and forth over the rusty tracks The Scottsboro trials occurred on March 25th, In the Scottsboro case in Alabama two white woman prostitutes falsely accused nine African American youths of rape on a freight train car; the boys were convicted in every trial due to the prejudices of an all white jury, and they had an attorney with little to no motivation to put any effort into their defense. The Scottsboro Boys, as they came to be known, were brought to trial and defended by a White attorney who had been hired by Black church leaders. The Scottsboro Trials were conducted in a way that gave us long-lasting effects Furthermore, Satan selected the most vulnerable individuals to do his bidding, among these individuals, women were often held responsible for many sins, including witchcraft. Across the top of the car walked a young white man. Both trials took place in Alabama during the same era of relentless prejudice and bias, which is a major factor in each of these cases.

Historical evidence verifies that Tom Robinson is proven guilty before his trial ever begins. Conversely to the linear notion of believing a singular cause was responsible for the atrocities among the Salem community, an intertwined network of various tensions set the anemic foundation for a monstr People have demonstrated that with just enough chaos and pressure, they will have no qualms with deserting their morals at the sight of adversity.

Outside the South, their convictions and impending executions were viewed as a legalized lynching.

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