Essay on african elephants

A new paper published in Current Biology found that, instead of helping reduce the number of African elephants killed each year for tusks, legalizing sales of ivory will only move the species closer to extinction. Afterwards, they often spray their skin with a protective coating of dust.

We can put them in game parks with video cameras around their necks. Scientists believe that the African Elephant evolved from one of its closest relatives, the Sea Cow.

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African elephants have two fingerlike features on the end of their trunk that they can use to grab small items. There are two different kinds of elephants; the African elephant and the Asian elephant also known as the Indian elephant.

The people in these communities have to put up with harassment from wild animals, and they rarely get anything in return. Poaching is the chief reason that elephants are brought closer to extinction every day.

Another approach taken to prevent peasants from turning to poaching was to use money generated by park tourism to build clinics and provide educational programs for surrounding communities. Starting in the early s, attention was starting to form around global ivory trade and its negative effects on both humans and the environment.

They granted ownership of all the wild animals in a certain area to the nearest village or community. Fighting Illegal Wildlife Trade To reduce the illegal trade in elephant products, WWF supports antipoaching efforts within and around protected areas.

Essay on african elephants

They regularly flap their ears for better blood circulation and to keep them cool. However, the illegal trade continues, and as long as it does, poachers will be a part of it. Learn more amazing facts about the African elephant with National Geographic Kids. As well as holding the title of "largest land animal," they are also among the most intelligent. Poverty, armed conflict and the displacement of people by civil conflict also add to habitat loss and fragmentation. Elephant herds are matriarchal, with older females taking turns taking care of the calves and protecting them while traveling from place to place. Villages in Africa are sometimes being disturbed by enraged elephants that stumble in their communities DocuMatForEdu1, The park officials did not want to kill the young elephants, but they could not afford to have any more rhinos slaughtered.

Habitat Loss and Fragmentation African elephants have less room to roam than ever before as expanding human populations convert land for agriculture, settlements and developments. The communities managed resources carefully, monitored their animals well, and even earned money from safari expeditions.

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Essay on Elephants Should be Protected