An examination of ethics in business

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Third, the book serves not only as a guide to assessment, but also as a platform for expanding and improving ethics coverage in business schools. Duska, B. The authors focused on the ethics of scientific research and how the research is conducted, rather than on how the research is applied.

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This will be reflected in the unseen examination and the essay. None Summary of Content The module is intended to set out a broad groundwork for the coverage of ethical issues in relation to business, both in the private and public sector and of those following a professional route, covering topics such as corporate social responsibility, sustainability, professionalism and ethical leadership.

Feedback on coursework is provided within 3 working weeks of submission. Giacalone and Carole L.

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In addition, there is a particular focus on the responsibilities of professionalism and ethical leadership when operating both within industry and commerce and the profession.

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Journal of Business Ethics