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Chinese Medicine Food with Yin and Yang Traditional Chinese Medicine The theory of yin and yang is applied to all Chinese things including the classification of food and herbs. Analysis of homogeneity in this pilot study result was used to test the consistency of the 37 completed questionnaires 20 cases and 17 controls. Ancient Chinese medical books list hundreds of plant, animal, and chemical ingredients and tell their specific effects on the human body. The nature of food is not determined by their actual temperature, but rather by what effects they have on a person's body after consumption. It is thought that the liver and gallbladder are especially important at this time. Plum vinegar is preferred, because it is a springtime fruit. For example, a steamed fish is yin cooling but a deep-fried fish is yang heating. Participants were excluded from the study if they had 1 other prior cancer diagnosis, 2 treatments with psychotropic drugs, 3 any medical conditions that limited their physical activity, and 4 not completed the questionnaire. By the Song dynasty it was recorded that many diseases could be cured through proper diet and eating the right food. You might be surprised at these Chinese customs about eating meals that have been part of the culture for hundreds of years. Methods Study design and participants A retrospective cross-sectional survey was conducted. Completed questionnaires were collected individually to ensure the responses were not misinterpreted owing to communication gaps between the researchers and the participants. They described the effect of each kind of meat, grain, herb, or vegetable on the human body, how the body operates, and gave suggestions about what to prepare to stay healthy or cure disease. When a person continually eats one type of food, it creates an imbalance in their body, and affects their immune system.

People who have too much cold in their bodies appear pale, have cold hands and feet, might feel weak, or have bad blood circulation. For instance, spring is often wet and sticky in China, which means we need food that can take away the dampness in our body, such as corn, white beans and onion.

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Our pilot study of 37 participants demonstrated that the version could be read and understood by local Chinese women. Climate [41] wind heat damp dryness cold -! Because of this, the Chinese have no system of anatomy comparable to that of the West.

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Sample size We conducted a pilot study with 37 participants whose total diet comprised mainly hot foods and an expected odds ratio OR of 2.

It is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine.

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Sour food relieves diarrhoea, asthma and other disorders.

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